Wednesday, July 17, 2013

another year older

I've really been slacking, plus I've been kinda busy.  But... I'm not about to miss this day! McKinzie turned 22 today!  WOW!!! It's crazy to think I have a 22 year old.  At the same time it's crazy to think I have two grand kids. 
She has been such a blessing in our lives (a challenge too). As she's become a wife she's finding out she's more like me than she wants to admit.  I love it!! 
McKinzie and I went to a viewing tonight. (Ariel's grandma passed away.) Since it was the two of us I took her out to dinner.  She chose Fuzzy's Taco Shop.  My third time and it was super delicious!  WE have so much fun together.  (I hope she feels the same.)  We can laugh and share our frustrations and talk as we would with our friends.  She has become one of my best friends.  I hope it will always be that way.  

Some time ago she mentioned she wanted a pillow to go on her bed.  She wanted it to match some blocks to tie her room together.  I arranged with Geoff to get the block during the day to go buy fabric.  The back of the pillow is what I matched and on the front I embroidered New York since that is where Brian and I took her for her Senior trip.  I hope my kids like these kinds of gifts.  I've really enjoyed sewing/embroidering. 

22 things about McKinzie:
  1. She has a testimony of Jesus Christ.
  2. She loves Geoff.
  3. She loves her kids.
  4. Her favorite superhero is STILL Batman.
  5. She has started running.  I don't know if she likes it though.
  6. Her driving record has improved.
  7. Once her bed is made she doesn't want anyone to sit on it.  That one has been passed down a few generations.  :-)
  8. She has learned to budget and save money.
  9. She has become a great cook.
  10. Her homemaking skills have finally kicked in.
  11. She will do anything for a friend.
  12. She's learned how to keep thoughts to herself to avoid a fight.
  13. She asks for advice from her parents! And sometimes listen to it.
  14. Her siblings look up to her.
  15. She brags about her husband when he thinks it's no big deal.
  16. She has great hair.
  17. She loves kids.
  18. She's become an amazing pet sitter.
  19. She's learning patience.
  20. She wants to do good.
  21. She's generous with her time and money.
  22. She's a wonderful daughter.
I love you McKinzie!! I hope you've had a great day (even though you had to work).  ;0)

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