Friday, May 3, 2013

Senior Prom

Bailee's Senior Prom was last Saturday.   She looked beautiful!!

We struggled finding time to go shopping between our schedules.  Then when we did it was a little rough.  It's hard finding a dress that's modest, and Bailee wants to be modest.  She didn't want to wear any kind of jacket or cover up.  When she found this dress, which looks just like her, we realized a jacket would ruin the effect of the dress anyway.  I think what we found worked just fine.  She was very happy and that was my goal.
Saturday ended up being a very busy day.  Bailee went and got her nails done in the morning, while Karlee and I attended a YW hike then Carson's game.  That afternoon we went to the mall and she got her makeup done at the Estee Lauder counter.  She said she's now ruined.  She LOVED the feel of the makeup.  Then we hurried home so Karlee could curl her hair.  Karlee did a great job! (btw) 
A few days ago Bailee was worrying about prom and the logistics.  She's kinda a worrier.  When the day arrived and she finally made it over to Tyler's house it all fell into place.  She had an absolute blast.  She made great memories with friends she's had since 2nd grade. 
 These three have know each other since elementary school, although both Bailee and Jessica thought Tyler was weird then.  In middle school they became friends.  The three of them plus one or two other girls would eat lunch together.  I think it's great they are still good friends.
This is the group they went with.  After prom they went to IHOP.  Then Bailee, Jessica, and Tyler went and played on their elementary school playground.  In their nice clothes! The whole evening was a success!

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