Sunday, May 12, 2013

another camping adventure

When Brian went to get our camp site number we saw 5 deer. The boys loved it.

They loved the whole adventure.  They climbed all over and under rocks.  Carson caught a lizard by it's tail.  I kept waiting for the tail to break off but it never did. 
 Our air mattress had a hole in the seam so it deflated in less than 15 minutes.  So we tried to sleep on the hard ground.  It was probably the longest night of our lives.  Brian told me he was grateful when 6 am arrived so the night would be over and he could get up.  LOL

Our breakfast was exciting too.  While Brian was cooking the bacon the grease caught on fire.  It was a little intense.  We started over and our breakfast turned out delicious.  It looked odd but we ate it all.

Unfortunately the girls weren't able to come with us.  Bailee had to work Friday night.  Karlee had a Thespian banquet on Friday, then Saturday she had an AP help class.  Then she had rehearsal for a Hairspray act.  Their musical was  nominated for 11 awards and they are performing at the awards banquet.  Of course they are all very excited. 

Bailee hasn't been able to go camping with us yet.  Maybe next the fall.

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