Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Mason's bday

Life has been busy and I've been slacking.  Mason's birthday came and went and I haven't posted a thing!  That's so wrong!  I have many things to share but Mason is first. 
He decided to have a few friends over after school then stay the night.  A few friends always work best for him.  These boys were great.  After school we swam and ate pizza. The water was cold and it was overcast.  I did not get in.  It was Adams first time this season and he loved it.



Mason invited Nathan, Colby, and Colton.  After swimming we went to see a movie "Epic".  It was very cute. 
We had enough coupons to get all the boys their own popcorn and soda.  It saved us a fortune!!

 I think he had a great day!!  On Friday's I have Harley and Adam.  They came with me to have lunch at school with Mason.  Adam thought it was soo cool. 
11 things about the birthday boy:
  • he loves little children
  • he loves computer games
  • he enjoys reading
  • he likes to be right
  • he has the best smile
  • he loves milk
  • very photogenic
  • doesn't like to talk to many people
  • very excited to be in middle school
  • hardheaded
  • has a great laugh
I love you Mason!! Keep up the good work.  You are amazing!!

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nikko said...

I remember from preschool days that he always asked for milk! Happy Birthday, Mason!