Wednesday, May 29, 2013



  •  Karlee has 4 AP classes.  I'm surprised the homework that she is still getting.  This one was cool.  It's a coat of arms.
~ red ~ warrior (I fight for who I am)
~ blue ~ truth (I always try to be honest)
~ white with black spots ~ justice and dignity (I have dignity and work to make things fair)
~ snowflake ~ I am the third daughter
~ theatre masks ~ I am animated and dramatic at times (I also love the theatre)
~ swan ~ music (I can't live with out my music)
~ eagle ~ freedom and strength (I am the strong one for most of my friends and I've always wanted to spread my metaphorical wings and be free)

~ nest/eggs ~ family (I always come back to my family and I don't know where I'd be without them)

She also had a Romeo and Juliet project.  She made a crossword puzzle, a children's book with illustrations, a board game (she used Candy Land). Plus she made two Italian recipes that had to have some history to them.  So after school the boys would swim and Karlee would work on more homework. :( 

 The Young Woman had a fundraiser washing windows.  I didn't sign up so I told Karlee I would pay her to clean a few of my windows.  She couldn't reach from the ladder so she climbed/fell into the shrubs.  She did a great job but her legs had lots of scratches from the shrubs,


Awards, awards, awards!  That's what May is all about. And field trips.  ;)  Karlee was nominated for Freshman class favorite.  Which means she got a new dress, and jacket, and shoes.  She was very excited!  She didn't think she would win but was very pleased she was in the top 5.  She looked beautiful as always! 

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