Wednesday, January 23, 2013

shooting with friends

Sunday Marcia suggested we go shooting, to me and our friend Chissy.  I jumped at the opportunity. We decided to meet at 5:30 before the sun was gone. 
Then came the challenge of scheduling.  Brian was going to be at a CSC.  Bailee worked.  Karlee needed to be picked up at 5:30 after track. Carson had basketball practice at 6.  I had cub scouts from 4-5, along with Chrissy. And we have a parent that doesn't pick up till 5:30.  How do I make this work?!
First thing I did was call the mom that runs late and gently remind her that scouts is over at 5.  She took it well.  Karlee found a ride home with a friend.  Then I texted a mom of Carson's teammate and she took Carson to and from basketball (I'll drive him on Thursday).  I'm so very grateful I was able to make it work. 
Next week the three of us are going to get together and edit.  That's what I need most.  Photoshop is complicated!   I did shoot in RAW.  Now I'll be able to compare jpeg to RAW to see what kind of a difference it makes.  When we go on our trip during spring break I'll probably shoot in RAW.  I'll have to download my pictures everyday.  RAW files are huge.
Without any editing, I'm quite pleased at my pictures.  They are straight out of the camera.  My online course has helped.  These are a few of my favs!
Love my tripod! Love the 2 sec timer! Love my friends for inviting me! Love my camera!!

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I have a good life said...

So cool! I think you guys are all and everything else. So cool!