Sunday, January 20, 2013


I added a little personalization to Harley's blanket and burp cloth the other day.  I'm loving this new machine. 
I love this picture too.  This was taken when she was 3 days old.
She's one week old in these three pictures.  

This was taken Thursday.  One month and five days old.  I'm ready for McKinzie to go back to work, sorry Kinz.  I'm ready to see my grandkids more.  Harley was a  month and one day old before I had the first opportunity to feed and burp her.  Shocking, I know.  There's been lots of Grandma's around so I've been patient, knowing I would have many turns.  I didn't think she would be this old though.  She's growing and changing already.  I'm so grateful they live close so we can see them often.   

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