Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Well...I did it.  I hope I'm not sorry.
I got a facebook account. :)

I'm really not a fan of facebook.  But so much is on facebook.  Like pinterest, photography, family, friends...
I'll cross my fingers and hope for the best.  :)

Wish me luck!!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

how's your iron?

Bailee's is low.  She tried to give blood a few weeks ago and after they tested it she was turned away because her iron was .4 too low.  She was very disappointed.  Then one day she came home with discounted tickets for a Mavs game for a thank you for being willing to give blood.  Very cool!

The plan was Brian and Bailee were going to go.  Then Brian needed to attend a school board meeting, very last minute.  Once I got other schedules taken care of, I was able to take her. 


 The seats were front row of the top section.  WE thought they were great.  We had soo much fun!

 My zoom on my lens is amazing!  Remember, we are sitting in the top section.

After the game Bailee wanted to hang around outside while channel 8 did the news.  She kept hoping they would scan the crowd, kind of the like on The Today Show.  :)  They didn't.

I love how big our kids are getting.  It's so fun to hang out with my girls and just have fun.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Friday, January 20, 2012

got milk?

my new love

These really came about while we were in Hong Kong.  There is a 13 hour time difference, if I remember right, and while I was getting ready in the morning we would listen to FOX evening news, from the night before.  We were staying at a Marriott and there was a speaker in the bathroom from the TV.

Now I listen to CNN while I get ready.  I thoroughly love listening to the GOP race, news around the world, and even some extreme stories.  I must be getting old since I prefer to listen to the news than the radio.

My other new love is my camera.  While in Hong Kong we bought a DSLR with a lens (which was recommended to us.  We really didn't know what we were looking for).   I've always loved taking pictures.  Since going digital many years ago I probably take 3-4 times more pictures.  (My family can get frustrated with me).

A few days before Christmas I got an email about a DSLR workshop at a discounted price.  I bought it and now I can't wait until February to take the class.  Although, I only shoot in automatic.  I really didn't know what the camera can do.  I've recently found this amazing blog, 31 days to a better photo. I think I found it through pinterest. I'm loving pinterest but that's another post.  :)

The first thing she suggests is reading your manual.  I've learned so much!  Go figure!!  Between my manual and her blog I've learned how to adjust the exposure, reduce the shutter speed to take a picture indoors without using a flash, found out that I can shoot in black and white,

or sepia.  I can also use a tint, green, purple, or blue.  I've also learned what those numbers mean on my lens. ;)

The reason for this desire for better pictures is from taking pictures at the boys basketball games.  I know I need a faster shutter speed but my pictures tend to be a little blurry.  I've also learned that I need good lighting at a faster shutter speed.  School gyms don't have very good light.  I recently looked at my pictures from last year and realized that my pictures today are better.  That gives me some comfort.

I'm trying to understand all the terms, ISO, aperture (still struggling), white balance, shutter speed, depth of field... and how they all work together.  For now I'll keep shooting and adjusting. Luckily with it being digital it's doesn't cost to take lots of pictures.  :)

Monday, January 16, 2012


I'm not sure this is how Karlee wanted to spend her day off from school, but she couldn't afford to miss class.  Although, she has been looking forward to getting braces on.  She says that once their on it's that much closer to having great teeth.  Smart girl.  Looking to the end results.

The count down starts.  24 months to go.  :D


Friday, January 13, 2012

fun day

I've been thinking these past many months that I needed a change on our wall.  A total transformation kind of change.  Whenever I mentioned it to a friend they said not to change it.  They thought it looked good...so I updated.  I updated 13 pictures and added five more family photos.  Moved a  few around, cleaned all the glass, and now I like it again.  I still need to add four more families.  Three of my siblings and one of Brian's then we will have everyone.  :)

Another focus this week has been the upstairs linen closet.  I came across these colorful baskets at Target and they match the color scheme perfectly.  One shelf for Bailee, one shelf for Karlee, bath towels and pool towels. 

The bottom storage boxes are craft items.  A very wide assortment.  One day when I feel up to tackling the closet in the office that's where it will end up.  For now, it's controlled chaos.

Adam came over to play today and it's been a busy one. We fed a monster cookies, fenced in our horses, rode the rails, and even had a shoot out with foam discs.  All the kids had a half day at school so once the boys got home all the boys went out to play.  Mason wanted to come in and Adam cried all the way in.  He wants to play outside longer. 

Right now Mason is playing Wii, Karlee has a friend over, Carson is playing ball in the driveway with a friend, and Adam convinced Bailee to take him outside.  Everyone is content.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

district award

A week or so ago we got a message that Mason would receive an award for the Reflections Program at the Administration building tonight.

He received a 2nd place trophy in the photography division.  Very cool!!

These are all the kids from his school that received an award.  First place goes to State to compete.  Such an exciting event.  As we were leaving Mason told me he wants to do it again next year. 

Monday, January 9, 2012


The boys started playing basketball a few weeks ago and now that will be our life till the end of February.  There is practice 3 nights a week then games on Saturday.  I really don't mind taking them, unless there's a major conflict with schedules.  So far the biggest struggle is Friday night.  That's our date night and Mason has practice from 7-8.  I'm sure we'll figure something out. 

I enjoy watching them learn how to pass, Carson. Or learn how to make a layup, Mason.  They look at me with this huge smile of accomplishment.  I also enjoy visiting with other parents.  My favorite it the quiet.  I know it sounds odd to have quiet in a gym full of kids yelling and bouncing a basketball.  When no one is calling "Mom" or asking me questions, it's quiet.  I can watch the boys, read a book, visit with moms all in peace.  I'm loving basketball practice.  :)      

Friday, January 6, 2012

first haircut

Bailee's first haircut.  She's getting soo big!! ;)  She struggled a little with ears though.  Her mannequin ears are small and never in the way.  Luckily Geoff's ears are flexible.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

great break

We had a very relaxing Christmas break.  I think one of our most relaxed.  We were all quick to sleep in and stay up late.  Bailee worked a lot and has received an amazing first pay check.  Another bonus with her working so much, we didn't have teenagers butting heads.  :)

The three young ones had sleepovers, and hung out with friends...lots.  The boys played video games and played in the streets with neighbors until dark or too cold to play outside any longer.  (Only because they would only wear a light jacket.) 

Brian kept busy all month working on this afghan for his brother and SIL.  I think it turned out great!  Once he finished he was all fidgety.  So I suggested that I had a kit for another afghan if he's interested.  He was and he has begun another.  It's very cool and kinda complicated.  I'll share another time.   
Two days before Christmas Bailee decided to make a scarf for her friend that's a boy.  She was quick.  Her stitches have really improved.  She had it finished before Christmas then decided to give it to him for his 16th birthday in January.  I think he'll like it, he's a Harry Potter freak.

New Years Eve was lots of fun, as usual.  It flew by faster then any other New Years Eve though.  We watched Avatar, which sounded amazing on Brian's new surround sound system he got for Christmas.  Then ate some goodies, while we waited for the donuts to rise, and played Wii.  The kids got a new game.  Wipe out!!!  We love the show and the game is super fun!  As they get knocked down again and again everyone is laughing. 

Although, we ended up playing dodge ball as usual.  It's probably our all time favorite game.  My shoulder was sore for two days.  :0)   
This year was our most successful year making donuts for sure.  (We've been making donuts for 11 years on New Years Eve, minus a few years because of schedules.)  I doubled the batch and they were still all fried by 11:45.  Thanks for your help Bri!!  They were super yummy!!

McKinzie prepared the chocolate for the fountain and I don't think it's ever flowed so beautifully.  I guess she's got the magic touch. 

It's good to have the kids back in school.  Although it makes for a long day when it starts at 5:30.  This morning Carson was struggling so bad I let him go back to sleep on the couch and I took him to school a little late.  I think New Years Eve fun has finally caught up to him. 

I put away part of Christmas on the 2nd.  The tree was a necessity, we needed out space back.  The rest needs to get done but it's not really a priority.  Snowmen can hang for awhile, after all it is Winter.

Monday night we had a great FHE.  One I've been wanting to do for weeks.  We talked about what were grateful for and each made our own list.  After our lists were made we took turns sharing, and made sure not to repeat what was already shared.  I've saved the lists and I'll put it in their school folders.  When they look at it years later they might be surprised what was once important to them.

I'm looking forward to 2012.  I know I will have challenges, I just hope I can learn from them and become a better person because of them.  I've set a few goals, attainable goals.  But I know if I stick with them I'll be a better wife, mother, and friend.  That's what I want more than anything.