Monday, January 9, 2012


The boys started playing basketball a few weeks ago and now that will be our life till the end of February.  There is practice 3 nights a week then games on Saturday.  I really don't mind taking them, unless there's a major conflict with schedules.  So far the biggest struggle is Friday night.  That's our date night and Mason has practice from 7-8.  I'm sure we'll figure something out. 

I enjoy watching them learn how to pass, Carson. Or learn how to make a layup, Mason.  They look at me with this huge smile of accomplishment.  I also enjoy visiting with other parents.  My favorite it the quiet.  I know it sounds odd to have quiet in a gym full of kids yelling and bouncing a basketball.  When no one is calling "Mom" or asking me questions, it's quiet.  I can watch the boys, read a book, visit with moms all in peace.  I'm loving basketball practice.  :)      

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I have a good life said...

Love basketball practice. C didn't want to play this year. I am missing that. I don't miss the crazy schedule, though.

I am sure your boys will do great!!!