Tuesday, January 24, 2012

how's your iron?

Bailee's is low.  She tried to give blood a few weeks ago and after they tested it she was turned away because her iron was .4 too low.  She was very disappointed.  Then one day she came home with discounted tickets for a Mavs game for a thank you for being willing to give blood.  Very cool!

The plan was Brian and Bailee were going to go.  Then Brian needed to attend a school board meeting, very last minute.  Once I got other schedules taken care of, I was able to take her. 


 The seats were front row of the top section.  WE thought they were great.  We had soo much fun!

 My zoom on my lens is amazing!  Remember, we are sitting in the top section.

After the game Bailee wanted to hang around outside while channel 8 did the news.  She kept hoping they would scan the crowd, kind of the like on The Today Show.  :)  They didn't.

I love how big our kids are getting.  It's so fun to hang out with my girls and just have fun.

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