Friday, January 13, 2012

fun day

I've been thinking these past many months that I needed a change on our wall.  A total transformation kind of change.  Whenever I mentioned it to a friend they said not to change it.  They thought it looked I updated.  I updated 13 pictures and added five more family photos.  Moved a  few around, cleaned all the glass, and now I like it again.  I still need to add four more families.  Three of my siblings and one of Brian's then we will have everyone.  :)

Another focus this week has been the upstairs linen closet.  I came across these colorful baskets at Target and they match the color scheme perfectly.  One shelf for Bailee, one shelf for Karlee, bath towels and pool towels. 

The bottom storage boxes are craft items.  A very wide assortment.  One day when I feel up to tackling the closet in the office that's where it will end up.  For now, it's controlled chaos.

Adam came over to play today and it's been a busy one. We fed a monster cookies, fenced in our horses, rode the rails, and even had a shoot out with foam discs.  All the kids had a half day at school so once the boys got home all the boys went out to play.  Mason wanted to come in and Adam cried all the way in.  He wants to play outside longer. 

Right now Mason is playing Wii, Karlee has a friend over, Carson is playing ball in the driveway with a friend, and Adam convinced Bailee to take him outside.  Everyone is content.


Jay said...

I love your "new" picture wall. And I am now inspired to organize my closets. I'm glad you posted pictures, so I could get ideas!

Anonymous said...

i love the picture wall!!!!!! i miss u guys!
<3, Your fam.