Saturday, September 1, 2012

walk the dog

Friday Adam came over to hang out with me.  Not sure that's what he wanted.  All morning he kept asking where the boys were and why they had to go to school.  He has loved playing with them all summer. He might struggle this next few times he comes over. 
We decided to go to the park before it got hot.  That part worked but it was sure humid all day.  By the time we headed home Adam had sweat running down his cheek.  He's always been hot blooded. 
Adam sure thought it was cool to hold Stella's leash.  Any time I tried to take it he would tell me he had it last or first.  I don't remember.

 I was surprised at all the baby turtles in the pond.  Many larger ones too.  After awhile some large catfish came around hoping to get some bread crumbs.

I'm still amazed at how big Adam is getting.  Once Harley arrives he will seem even bigger. 

While Adam was eating his cantaloupe he says to me,
Hey Nonnie, guess what?
I said, What?
I love you. 

That is something I've always said to my kids, and Adam.  I was shocked when he said it to me first.  It melted my heart.  

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