Wednesday, September 5, 2012

labor day swim

 Have you heard? It's so cool!! We have family that have moved to North Texas!  Brian's cousin is now working in Westlake.  They haven't really decided for sure where they will live, but it's looking like the Keller area.  They have four boys!  Can you believe it?!  Our two fit among the ages of their youngest three.  They have lots of fun together.

 All are lined up to jump except for three moms and Adam.  It really was cool to watch. :0)

Somehow we were able to fit all 15 of us around our kitchen table.  Look at all those boys!! 

Life keeps all of us busy, but I hope that all of us will make it a priority to get together and nurture this new friendship.  

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I have a good life said...

Love the pictures!!!

And family close!! You can't beat that! I am happy for your family.

I am also impressed that you fit so many at the table. :)