Sunday, April 8, 2012

Saturday schedule

Saturday ended being super busy.  At 9:30 Brian left for Stake Baptisms, then shortly after Bailee left for work. The rest of us headed out the door to run past a couple of stores before Carson's game.

Carson did great during the game.  He usually scores and this game he did again.  He seems to play best on defense though. 

After lunch I took Karlee and her friend, Brittney, to buy supplies for a school project.  She is making a mermaid costume.  It's super cute.  I can't wait until she's finished so I can post pictures.  At 2:00 I hadn't made cupcakes for our Ward Easter Egg Hunt.  I debated on buying some.  I didn't want to spend $12 so when I got home I made these.  I finished at 4:45 and the social started at 5.  Talk about cutting it close. 

The hunt was a huge success.  Lots of kids and lots of eggs.  After the eggs were gathered they had a cupcake walk.  You could go again and again.

Mason had many cupcakes.  I think we all did, without dinner first too.

While making dinner Brian helped Mason build an air hockey table.  It's small but works. Then just before bed we colored eggs.  I think we got everything finished that we needed to.  Whew!

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Anonymous said...

Fun times, long remembered in the quite recesses of your minds. Love the memories - your cupcakes are darling! Thanks for sharing. Love you, Grammy