Wednesday, April 4, 2012


I went out earlier, looking for bluebonnets, than last year and had lots of choices for pictures.  This is my usual spot, off 820 at the Quebec Exit. 

Adam was loving it!

 Adam didn't want to sit down.  I think it was bothering his bare legs.  I was able to distract him for a bit by asking him to smell the flower.  :)

I was just telling a friend that I love how old my kids are.  I love how independent they are. I love the things we can do because they are big.

But I also love how close Adam is to Carson.  He fits right in with my spacing between my kids.  Most people thinks he's my son.  I rarely correct them.  Carson will do that for me if he's with me. ;)

I hope McKinzie and Geoff don't mind that I treat him like my son.  I do many of the things with him that I've done with all my other kids.  I love children.  But I also love that he's my grandson.  I'm too tired for the schedule that little ones have.  ;)

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Natalie said...

You have such an adorable grandson. He does fit in with all of your kids.