Sunday, April 8, 2012

church prom

Friday night Bailee had her church Prom.  I think 5 Stakes joined together.  She sure looks all grown up. 

Bailee found this updo on Pinterest.  We modified it a bit.  I think it turned out great. :)

I don't even know all these kids.  Garrett arranged for a stretch Hummer to take 18 people to the dance.  It only cost $33 each.  They all loved it!

These two sure look cute together.  ;)


nikko said...

I love her dress!

Jenna said...

Bailee looks absolutely beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Girl, beautiful dress, beautiful smile!! Bailee your the best! Love You Grammy

marcia@joyismygoal said...

they are both so shiny and bright that it makes them glow w/ goodness:)