Monday, October 3, 2011

weekend activities

A few weeks ago Bailee got a call from a friend, a boy.  He asked her if she wanted a mum for Homecoming.  OH... MY... GOSH....!!!!  She was soo excited! She told me she really wanted one this year, but not from her mom.  (Yep...I offered.)  So last Thursday we went to a Hobby Lobby that was near his school, so the colors would be right.  We hardly knew what a garter was suppose to look like.  We bought many things.  We didn't want it over the top.  We really didn't know what we were doing.  When we got home Bailee started.

 We finished it on Sunday.  It's kinda over the top.  Although we love it!!  This week sometime he'll be coming over to give her her mum and she'll give him his garter.  This is one thing about Texas I'll never understand.  Where did the idea of mums and garters come from anyway??

Friday was my birthday.  I wasn't looking forward to it at all. I don't like my birthdays.  For me it's just another day.  This year I didn't plan on making a cake.  I'm getting kind of ornery.  I was a little surprised when Brian had asked Bailee and Karlee to do it.  Pleasantly surprised.  They ended up making two.  Friday afternoon Bailee made the cake and Karlee made the frosting.  Bailee was frosting and somehow it slid off the counter.  They just laughed when I asked them where the cake went.  So Saturday afternoon they tried again.  It was a success.  Sunday we finally had most of us gathered around to cut the cake.  As I'm blowing out the candles Brian grabs my camera.  He doesn't know how to work it.  It's all luck that he got anything I could use.  Most of them had my head cut off.  :)    It ended up being a very nice birthday.

 Mason has been wanting to learn to ride a bike for some time.  But never when a neighbor was outside.  He was embarrassed that he didn't know how.  He can ride on Carson's little bike.  But his big bike scares him.  Sunday he decided to try on a friends bike and it was super easy.  He was so excited.  When I went back inside he decided to try on his.  Yippee!!!  He can ride his bike. 

These two pictures are on his friends bike.  He is thrilled!!ll

Both the boys had a soccer game on Saturday.  Carson's team won 1-0.  Mason's team lost 0-1. 

We also watched all of General Conference.  Saturday we were the most attentive and we really enjoyed it.  Sunday Adam was here and he wanted to play cars.  He kept saying over and over, "Poppi play cars."  He ended up yelling because Poppi was trying to be good and watch Conference.  But like everyone expected Adam won.  It was very cute to watch Poppi and Adam play cars.      

I almost forgot.  We stuffed envelopes too.  Whew!

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