Sunday, October 30, 2011


On Monday the 17th a friend brought me some flowers.  I was able to add them to a fall arrangement I had bought a few days before.

On Monday at about 10am I got a call from Brenda, my sister, that Dad had passed on.  It was definitely the shortest phone call I've had.  It wasn't a surprise.  In late April cancer was found on his spine, on the nerve endings.  He was told about 6 months.  In mid September there was a trip to the ER.  Then I knew that we would be attending a funeral before the wedding. 

The last few weeks he was in pain, but he never wanted to admit it to any of us kids.  I miss him.  He's been very lonely since Mom passed away.  He followed her just over 18 months later.  I can only imagine the reunion they had together.  I know they're dancing again.  I know I'll be with them again one day.  But for now...I miss them both more than I ever imagined.


Lana said...

Sorry for your loss, I can't image having my parents gone.
How grateful we are for the gospel and that we know what happens next and how wonderful it will be.
My prayers are with you today.

nikko said...

I am so sorry! (((hugs)))

Jay said...

I am sure there was such a happy reunion between your Mom and Dad! That is so happy, but the ache of missing is great too. Thinking and praying for you during this busy time.