Monday, October 31, 2011

bridal shower

McKinzie wasn't sure she wanted a bridal shower.  I was fine either way.  She knew that if she wanted one that I would need to plan it and she knew I was already stretched.  When I realized she was leaning toward having it I called a friend for help.  Marcia had mentioned in passing that she would like to do one for her, then she went on vacation.  So instead of waiting for her return I called another friend, Ruth, for help.  I have some wonderful friends.  Many women came through for us and put together a great shower. 

Marcia even made this cute shirt for Kinzie to wear.  I think I counted around 27 people in attendance.  The food was yummy.  The games were fun and simple.  The wide variety of gifts were great!

With my gift I had a card that McKinzie read aloud.  It read something like, "I know that you feel I've been a hard nose about modesty. (This is where she rolled her eyes.) I think I've painted myself into a corner.  I hope you like what I bought you for your wedding night."  She was way scared to look in the bag.  When she pulled it out everyone couldn't control the laughter.  I gave her a floral, flannel, nightgown/robe.  One woman at the shower asked if I sewed the bottom closed.  :D  I hadn't thought of that!  Don't worry, I also gave her something "fun" for a newlywed. ;)

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