Tuesday, September 13, 2011

We did it!!!

Not many people share my excitement.  But it's a big deal.  We need to be recognized for the hot hot summer we have endured.  When we were one day short of tying for the consecutive days with triple digits I was disappointed.  When we were days away from tying the record for the most triple digits in a year I held my breath.  We were ONE day short of tying when it rained. We needed the rain desperately but it was such a disappointment.  Then I remembered that there have been many years that it's been super hot for the State Fair.  So I just had to sit back and wait.  Today is the lucky day.  70 days of triple digits!  I think tomorrow is supposed to be 102 so we've set a high standard.  Then rain is in the forecast.  I hope it comes.  My yard is crunchy, and brown.  We have three new trees that I water every few days, then I try and water a few beds. 

Now we can say, "Remember the summer of 2011?  It was the hottest, driest in the history of Texas."  Wahoo!!

Now I hope relief comes.


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