Thursday, September 22, 2011

Arrive in Beijing

The train ride to Beijing wasn't so bad.  Before bed I went over to Brenda and Dave's "cabin" and we played some cards until Jake beat us all and there was no point in continuing.  For a missionary he's pretty good at cards.  ;) 


I think people live here. 

These apartments were amazing.  We could see five wings and that's only one side.  They were huge!

We were shocked to see these cars driving where we were walking!  Insane!!
I thought these phone booths were soo cute.  We saw them everywhere.

The windows at our hotel were nasty.  A challenge to get a good picture.

After we freshened up at the hotel we headed to lunch.  In Beijing everywhere we went to eat this was the arrangement in the dinning halls.  I asked Lisa, our guide, why?  She said in ancient times Chinese people believed that heaven is round and earth is square.  All the chairs were placed perfectly in a square around round tables.  I love the look!!

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I have a good life said...

How fun! I love to see pictures of your trip! What great memories!