Monday, September 12, 2011

birthday boy

Today is Carson's 6th birthday.  He has been counting down since Karlee's bday.  Because of schedules tonight we had to shake things up a little.  We went to Chuck E. Cheese on Saturday for dinner and fun.  Then we opened presents on Sunday.  Today I was able to have lunch with him at school.  Which was super fun.  Then I took in a treat for his class in the afternoon. 

Subway was his choice for lunch.  He actually wanted Chick-fil-a, but since his lunch is at 10:30 we are limited on what is available.   

I think class could get pretty crazy with these boys.  This is Dawson on bottom and Peyton. 
This was his favorite present.  He also got a batman wallet from Kinz, a General Grevious light saber from his Gma and Gpa Shuldberg, some money from Karlee and a stuffed animal from Bailee.  Brian and I also gave him a General Grevious costume to go with the light saber.  I don't know if he liked it.  He doesn't like being the bad guy.  I'm soo glad.  :) 

6 things about Carson:
  1. GREAT imagination
  2. shares with everyone
  3. loves to be silly to make people laugh
  4. loves to dress up to be anyone with a weapon
  5. a tender heart
  6. loves church and sharing his testimony
I love you Carson!!  I hope you've had a great day! Happy birthday!!!

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