Wednesday, June 29, 2011

home again

What an amazing two weeks we had in Hong Kong and China!  I have over 1000 pictures to edit.  It may take some time, but I will share our trip and hopefully have it completed before summer is over. 

Without any planning, I was able to see my Dad for a few hours Monday night before we left for Hong Kong.  I haven't seen him since last summer. 

Brian and I flew into SLC on the 13th and he was there because he had an appointment early on the 14th.  I'm so grateful that our schedules landed us in Salt Lake at the same time.  He looks good, but he has aged. (Sorry Dad.) This last year hasn't been very good to him.  He had knee replacement surgery in April, then in May he was told he has a rare form of cancer.  He was in SLC for a second opinion.  The Dr. told  him basically the same thing.  He has finished his radiation treatment and he still might do some chemo.  I'm not sure what he's decided.  I pray everyday for you Dad.  I love you!!

While we were gone, the kids were very busy.  Karlee and Bailee went to girls camp, it was Karlee's first year.  Bailee attended youth conference.  She also finished her Spanish class and earned a full credit for High School.  Mason finished playing baseball with the YMCA, and Karlee attended CFK and has one day left. 

It's good to be home, but today has been a challenge.  I'm exhausted!!  At 3 I wanted to take a nap, instead we went for a swim.  At 5 when Bailee drove to pickup Karlee from CFK I started to fall asleep in the car.  Not good when Bailee only has a learners permit.  But now I think I'm headed to bed.  Hopefully tomorrow will be easier.

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Natalie said...

Wow. You got to go to China. How fun. I can't wait to hear all about it.

Your kids look like they're having such a great and busy summer. They all look great and so do you.

Sorry you Dad is having such a tough summer. Will pray for him..