Saturday, June 11, 2011

full days

Bailee started her summer class on Friday.  This picture was taken after class since Brian gave her a ride in the morning.  She's taking a Spanish class that she's doing on the computer.  Today she found out that she can work on it at home.  Hooray!!  She's hoping to finish the class early so she can still make it to girls camp and youth conference this month.  I know she can do it as long as she stays focused.

Friday was our Ward swim.  At one point there were over 30 people in the pool.  It was very refreshing.

Today we have planted flowers, mowed the lawn, driven Bailee to and from school, watched Mason play baseball, gave three boys haircuts, started and finished laundry, and attended a Ward picnic at the park.  After we ate many kids and adults played softball.  It's been a full day.  :0)

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