Monday, November 8, 2010

last check up

Bailee had her last check up with her plastic surgeon today.  He said she looked "perfect".  We really didn't need to go to a Dr. to tell us that.  ;o)

When Bailee had her accident last March she was upset that I took pictures.  I kept telling her that when it's all done she would be grateful.  She is and is now ready to share the pictures.  (I really did ask her permission.)

 On the drive from Oklahoma to McKinney, to the ER.
 In the ER.
 Next day after the accident waiting to be discharged.
 5 days after the accident.  We thought her eyeball looked pretty cool.  If only it was Halloween.
 I think this was her first day back to school.  She wore her glasses a lot hoping to hide.  It didn't really work.
 After surgery...she hurt soo much.  The meds made her sick to her stomach.  No more prescription meds after the first ones were out of her system.  Only Tylenol. 
 First day after the surgery.  She didn't bruise very much, but everyday she became more and more swollen. 
Four days after the surgery the stitches and nasal stints were removed.  They were supposed to stay in a week, but we were leaving for Idaho that afternoon. 

She was soo tired of the pain and swelling.  She fell down and said she died.  So Brian started making an outline of her body.  Soo dramatic.

You can barely see the scar on her eyelid.  It has healed beautifully.  A couple days ago, a friend asked her how she got that scar.  Bailee was shocked she didn't know.  She thought everyone knew.  I think it made her day to tell the story again.  She thinks it's pretty

We are so grateful for the advances in medicine to put her back to her beautiful self.  We are grateful for medical insurance, which we have had more years without than with.  We are grateful for Priesthood Blessings to comfort us and give us the assurance that all would be well.


I have a good life said...

She really does look perfect now. It is amazing compared to what she looked like then. I am glad you took pictures to remember.

Kinzie said...

You forgot the current back to "perfect" picture :/

Jay said...

Wow! I bet Bailee is so glad that is behind her (and you too). She is so beautiful and sparkly!

Selita & Craig said...

Oh my it was much worse than it sounded huh? Im glad she is all better now.