Monday, November 1, 2010

birthday girl

 Today is Bailee's 15th birthday.  WOW Bailee,  you're getting old!!  Because of crazy schedules tonight, we celebrated last night.  Which she thought was great!

The frosting on this cake has become Bailee's favorite.  This is the third time I've made it, but the first time it's turned out.  Even if it didn't turn out, the flavor is still great.  We would have finished the cake anyway. 

I grew up eating this frosting all the time, but never thought to make it.  After Mom died I submitted a few of her recipes in cookbook where she lived.  This was one of them so I decided to make it.  When it didn't turn out, I just about cried.  I couldn't go and ask her what I did wrong.  When I mentioned it to my Dad he said, "Beat the hell out of it." (Those were his exact words.)  So when I made it yesterday, I put the hand mixer on the highest setting and mixed for about 10 minutes.  He was right.  It worked!!  Thanks Dad!

Best Frosting

1 cup milk
3 T flour
1 stick marg or butter
1/2 cup shortening
1 cup sugar
1 tsp. vanilla

In saucepan heat milk and flour until thick.  Let cool.  Add and mix remaining ingredients into milk mixture.  Beat until thick. (I added that last sentence.  It wasn't in her recipe.)  Frost chocolate cake and refrigerate.

We gave Bailee an iPod touch for her birthday.  She was soo excited.  She is such a great kid!!

15 things about Bailee:

  1. she loves telling you about her dreams
  2. she loves telling you about her day
  3. she loves talking
  4. most of the time she is excited about life
  5. she is self motivated
  6. saves her money and pays for all her fun
  7. great cook
  8. "A" student (taking pre-ap classes)
  9. helps me download onto my iPod :)
  10. has a great testimony about the Gospel
  11. loves seminary
  12. everyone is her friend
  13. loves her family
  14. has a great laugh
  15. she is a tough, tough girl (proof from her accident)
WE love you Bailee!!  Have a great birthday!!

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