Thursday, November 14, 2013

our last State Fair of Texas

 There were only a few days left for the Fair and the kids had a day off from school.  The forecast was rain but the kids still wanted to go.  So off we went to experience a big part of Texas.  One of my favorite parts of Texas.
 Last year Big Tex caught fire.  For some reason when I saw it on Facebook it made me laugh, hard.  It was such a sight.  I'm glad they brought Big Tex back.  It's great to sit and listen to him talk to the crowd.  The first thing we did was have a Fletcher's corny dog.  So good! With mustard of course. 
 We watched the dog show then went to the petting zoo.  We spent the most time feeding and petting the baby animals. 

 We came across a marionette show that ended up being interactive.  Carson loved it!

Loved this scarf.  Maybe Brian needs one. ;)

 This was made out of Lego's. Such talent! I really enjoyed walking through these exhibits.  The kids not so much.

 This little tractor was hard to pedal. 

 Carson loved the rain!  He was already so wet it didn't matter if he splashed in the puddles.

Good times! Good memories!

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