Friday, November 15, 2013


It was so strange to see the house empty.  A friend of ours painted this tree for Bailee maybe 8 or 9 years ago.  I really don't remember.  I vowed I would never paint over it.  Luckily the new homeowners didn't have a problem with any of our paint selection.
 Our new home is large but there aren't any built ins for all our books. We ended up having this built in I guess we'll do something similar in our new home.

 Brian hand painted these flowers to match Karlee's comforter.  I wonder how we'll personalize our new home.
This move/movers has been the most challenging, miscommunicated, mislead move we have ever had.  For example, today as I type it's 1:55 pm and the movers were suppose to arrive today between 9-1.  They're still not here.

The company we chose to go with advertise same day pack and load.  That surprised me.  You see we have used movers before.  Two packers would come in one day and spend maybe 9 hours packing.  The next morning they would pack the kitchen, break down the beds and load.  Always two days.  We've used two or three different companies and this is how it's always been done.  Well...on the day of packing/moving four men arrive.  Three pack while one sat in the cab of the truck.  A couple hours later another crew arrives.  The items not to be packed was not shared with the new crew.  They had to dig through a couple boxes to find items that were not to be packed.  With this crew the same thing happened.  Three men packed while one sat in the cab of the truck.  So now two capable men are sitting. 

Early afternoon, the crew that came later leaves with a truck about 3/4 of the way full.  Brian and I kept telling ourselves they know what they are doing.  Boy were we WRONG!!  Brian grabs dinner for the kids and takes them to the hotel around 7 since they still have school the next day.  We send Bailee to the hotel around 11, I think.  At about 1 AM the movers admit there's no way everything that is left is going to fit in the truck. DUH!!  The movers leave at 1:40 with a reasonable amount of boxes still in the garage.  The plan is for the movers to come back at 8 in the morning to pick up the rest of the items. Brian and I stay and finish cleaning the house till 2:30 AM.

Now for the delivery part. On the paperwork it asks in multiple places the earliest day for delivery.  We state the day of closing, in the afternoon to be specific. All that is is a starting date to count to 14.  14 business days to be exact.  When Michael did the walk through, before we agreed to go with them, he confirmed over and over how delivery is always in a few days.  It's never gone the 14 days.  Well I guess he was right it was only 12 business days.  16 days total!! 

Please whatever you do don't use 24 Hours Moving, Inc.  I'm not one to destroy someones business but these people lied all the way to the end.  Go with the big names like we did with our previous moves. 24 Hours Moving, Inc. is not the company for you.

Then the final straw at delivery, we had already paid in full, required another $150 because the walk from the street to the house was too far.  They wouldn't pull into the driveway either.  They would only accept cash.  I don't have that kind of cash!!  So the driver stopped the guys from bringing in boxes until we got something figured out for me to go to the ATM. 

I'm glad our belongings are finally here.  Although there's been some damage and only a dozen boxes have been open.  Our foosball table was basically crushed.  Poster board, for kids projects, were folded and placed in a box.  OMGosh!!! Really! I guessed I should have thrown it away in Texas.  The biggest heartache is my Grandma's sewing machine and table.  One of the legs broke on the table.  I won't take cash for this one.  They'll need to pay for a repair from someone that repairs antique furniture. It might be a long few weeks/months as week go through these boxes and find out if there's anymore damage. 

Have you heard me yet? DON'T use 24 Hours Moving, Inc.!!!

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