Sunday, February 12, 2012


I am loving Sundays.  I love having church at 8:30 am.  No I don't like waking up before 6.  This morning I didn't get up till 6:15.  I really didn't want to get out of bed.  But I love having church early.  I love having the rest of the day to hang out with family. 

Geoff was a good sport today.  Carson still needed to read 60+ minutes for his Six Flags free ticket which it due Monday.  He had read Green Eggs and Ham to me already, when Carson picked up his next book.  I kinda cringed.  This book is soo long, (I knew Geoff felt the same).  I told Carson that that book was Geoff's favorite, with a smile.  Geoff was great and listened to Carson read the entire book.  Although I think he slept through parts of it.  :)

 Carson has basketball practice on Monday evenings so we have been having FHE on Sundays.  I love it on Sundays.  We aren't pressured with time or struggling with schedules, not as much anyway. 
 Last weeks treat was super good and super duper easy.  This week was something new.  Yes, I found it on pinterest.  I love it!!  S'mores Cookies!!

Just like traditional s'mores over the campfire, I dropped one.  It flipped over on the stove.  One of the girls said, "At least it didn't land in the dirt!"  Good point.

This year, I know it's only February, we are rotating turns with the lessons.  McKinzie & Goeff take one week (I try to call them McRae's but the kids think it's weird), Brian and I both take a turn, then one of the other kids.  So far it's working out great and it's happened every week. Wahoo!! 

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Lana said...

Those look yummy, sometimes pinterest turns out to be a disaster for me.