Thursday, February 2, 2012


 Karlee LOVES grilled shrimp!  Whenever we go out to eat that is what she orders, but she only eats the shrimp.  It's kinda frustrating when the meal costs $12+.

A few weeks ago she found a recipe for grilled cajun shrimp.  I've never made shrimp.  Last time I went to Sams I picked some up for her.  Tonight nothing was planned.  The girls didn't have homework, so we all got together to make dinner.

Bailee made the marinade while Karlee and I made a quick run to buy a spice I didn't have.  Karlee made the cajun butter, and I made the pasta.
 Every step of the way it looked and smelled yummy.

 The last five minutes were crazy.  That's all it takes to cook angel hair pasta and grill shrimp. 

It turned out perfect.  The angel hair pasta actually is made with chicken.  I decided to omit it.  They complimented each other very well.  This meal is a keeper.  Thanks for your help girls!

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Anonymous said...

We love shrimp but I've never made any that looks this amazing! Please share recipes. Love you