Thursday, January 7, 2010

Trip to Idaho

We left for Idaho the day after Christmas. Texans do not know how to drive in snow. We were on the road for about an hour and it slowed down. Can you see the cars lined up?

In the evening, when we were "kicked" out of the ICU, we went and visited family. This is Grandma Baker with Carson, Mason and Karlee.
At night, the boys were able to hang out with their Grandpa Steel. In this picture they are saying, "HO HO HO!"

The boys jumped down these stairs A LOT!! I got some cool shots.

Brian was so awesome during this trip. I spent everyday at the hospital with my Mom and Dad. A couple of nights with his family, but very little time with him. We wanted to spend New Years Eve together, which we did, but not really together. I was preoccupied and not really in the mood to socialize.
I gave him a nook, ereader, for Christmas, which he spent much of his time enjoying.

One morning we woke up to fresh snow. It was beautiful...and cold.

While I was hanging with my parents, I tried to do things that would help my Mom feel better, more like herself. Her skin was soo dry I put lotion on her hands and arms,with a massage, many times. I've never seen her nails so long, so I shaped them up. The thing that helped the most was getting her hair washed and styled. I was hopeful that we could use real shampoo and not a dry shampoo. So I crossed my fingers and asked her nurse, Brooke. She was awesome!! She said they had a basin, pictured above. I was ecstatic! I pulled out my camera and Mom started pulling a blanket over her head...she didn't want a picture taken.
We got things ready and started to put the basin under her head. Mom panicked, to put it nicely. She is very claustrophobic. She would have nothing to do with the basin. Brooke was not discouraged. She put many, many towels under her head and started washing her hair while Mom was in bed. I was so very appreciative. Mom's gown didn't get wet. I was shocked!
I even got her to smile when I took the picture. Yes, she knows I'm posting this. I told her I had to take a picture to send to everyone, especially my brother Todd. He had been at the hospital when Mom was at her worst and wouldn't believe that she was doing better. She looked more like herself after getting her hair done.

Another night we went to visit Grandma Shuldberg, with Janae's and Shon's family. We were two deep as we were visiting.

Grandma Shuldberg is in the white sweater in the rocker.

Brian's Aunt Diane was also there. She is probably the most selfless person I know. When Brian and I got married her and her husband, Dave, offered to let us stay at their house for as long as we needed. Even though she is an in-law, she is one of my favorite aunts.
She is helping Zack and Carson build this tower. I bet she is a wonderful grandma!!

The day we were leaving, there was more snow. We were now getting nervous that we should of left a day earlier. A storm was coming through.

As soon as we arrived at Shuldbergs to pick up the kids, they were headed outside to play.
They found out that ATVs are fun in snow as well as mud!

Grandma Shuldberg caught a ride with the kids.

Brian kept putting snow on Carson and he loved it! Grandma had snow pants for all the kids. She was prepared for us southerners.

Mason looks like it was hard work to shovel off the deck...he only did one shovel full!

Even in Amarillo it was cold. On our way home there was ice on the trees...BRRR!


Natalie said...

I'm so glad you were able to make that visit. I know your Mom really appreciated it. It is great to see our families even if it's at a hard time. I'm glad she's feeling better and hope she gets better and better.
I loved looking at the pictures. Your family is so cute. You all look so good.:)

Shon and Holly Shuldberg said...

We were so glad to see you guys. My boys loved playing with yours. You got some great shots of the fine we had. Thanks for sharing all the photos.

(I am so sure that your folks really loved having you here, too!!)

I have a good life said...

I especially love the shots of your boys jumping. That is the best! :) Is your mom doing better now?

Spudknit said...

Thank you for taking care of mom and making her feel and look better. I think that picture helped all of us feel better about how she was doing. She looked like mom. Yesterday, she admitted to offending a nurse during the night so think she is getting her feisty personality back.

Selita & Craig said...

Hey your mom looks pretty good for someone in the hospital. Looks like a fun trip and one I know you were glad you made!

Avery!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! said...

hi Allison! this is Avery Smith your neice!:) just wanted to say "'hi''!