Saturday, January 23, 2010


I know, just a couple of days ago I mentioned, complained, about how busy life is.

Well, Friday night I was free! Brian and Bailee went to the temple with the youth. The three little ones had a sleepover at Kinzie's new place. (Did I mention that she moved out? That's another post.) The other night when McKinzie came by after work to pick up Adam, Carson asked her to sleep at the house. It was very sweet. I think the kids miss having McKinzie around. Since McKinzie wasn't working Saturday she invited them over.
When I realized that it was going to be just me at home, I made plans. I checked with a friend and we went to the movies. It felt so very strange to not be with Brian or have someone wanting something from me.
When the kids got home this morning, they all told me they had a great time. McKinzie was exhausted. They watched two movies in one night, and had "pizza with no crust", Totino's, for dinner. Then for breakfast McKinzie made pancakes with M&M's. Carson told McKinzie that he's wants to live with her. We just might have to make this a regular thing. Thanks Kinz!! Your the coolest big sister every!


Anne said...

sounds like they had a blast! What a cool big sister thing to do :)
And sounds like you had a fun free night- yay for those!!!

Rachel said...

that's awesome!!

Shon and Holly Shuldberg said...

What a great sister. I bet she liked it as much as the kids. So glad you got a night for you. It is so to go out and enjoy a night with a good friend.