Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Spring Break!!

I am so slow with posting our spring break fun. Finally here it is, one week ago today we headed up to Oklahoma to stay in a cabin called, "The Lone Star".

Not too surprising since I booked the cabin, and we all know how I feel about Texas. It sure felt like home. It was a little cozy, but we were not planning on staying inside for the week. We went there to ride our ATVs in the National Forest. We were not disappointed with the fun trails we found.

Every night we ended up in the hot tub, of course. It helped our aching muscles from riding and hiking.

Family time is "the best".

Do you see the ATV that Karlee is on? Not much later than when I took this picture, Bailee observed Karlee flying through the air with the ATV flying over her. Karlee got a few scratches when she landed. The ATV got a front fender cracked and the back rack fell off later in the day. I'm sure the metal partially snapped when it landed. Totally messed it up but it still worked fine. Don't worry Karlee got up dancing and ready to ride some more.

The kids were aching to go hiking, mostly Mason. So off we went one morning. It was beautiful.

Everywhere we went the boys picked up sticks, we even brought home five for six. Do you see Brian's hiking stick? I don't think I got the top of it in the picture. I asked him to have it lean so it is easier to pick out. I should of had him lean it the other way. It still blends in.

I didn't realize that this trail was so rugged. The kids loved it and Carson did great.

Carson wanted to climb all by himself. There were a few spots that I held his hand. He kept leaning away from the mountain. I didn't want him to roll down into the stream.

There were a few times that Carson would fall asleep while we were riding. One afternoon we headed out with a chance of rain, and lucky us. . . it did. We all had fun. It kept Carson awake and were able to ride for an hour and a half straight. It was great! We did get cold, but no one complained because we didn't want to stop riding. Now that we have been riding in the National Forest I don't think any riding around our home will be good enough. We are ruined. I guess we will have to go to Oklahoma again. HOORAY!!!

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I have a good life said...

I couldn't wait to see these pictures! Those trails look exactly like some that we hiked. I wonder if they were! I am so glad that you had fun. It makes me want to go back so bad! :) Lookes like a wonderful time! :)