Friday, March 13, 2009

Extended family

This week we have received some great news about family. My niece Colette came to Dallas to network for an internship that is needed for her career. Carson and I met her at the airport in hopes to hang out for a few hours. We found out we had an hour and 15 minutes until she needed to be at her hotel ready to meet and greet. Well, despite the drive time from the airport to the hotel, we didn't have much time to find a place to eat. She wanted something Texas, so we found a BBQ place off the interstate. They turned out to have great BBQ sandwiches. I also had sliced potatoes covered in cheese. Yummy!! It was nice to catch up on her. With us living so far I don't feel very connected to family. I haven't tried very hard, but I'm trying to be a better sister. These last few years I've tried to at least send out birthday cards and give them a call. Most of the time I leave a message. At least they know I'm thinking of them. So when I heard that Colette was coming to town, I made sure to spend some time with her. She is such a beautiful and talented young woman. I hope this internship works out for her in Dallas, so we can get to know her better.

The next exciting news we received is that my nephew Jake received his mission call yesterday. (Jake it the one in the middle holding the slumped over baby. I'm guessing he's three.) He is going to China, Hong Kong! I am soo excited for him and the experiences he will be having. He will enter the mission home in Provo on May 20. He will be speaking cool! He is the first of this generation to serve a mission. What a great example he is to his family. I am soo proud of you Jake for deciding to serve a mission. I hope there are many of your cousins that follow your example.


Natalie said...

What a beautiful girl!

Yah for missionary Jake. What an awesome call.

Spudknit said...

I have my own blog now that will reflect more about my family and my knitting projects. Will you replace Trevor's blog with mine? I will link to his from mine.

Jay said...

How fun that you got to visit with your niece. She is very pretty. And I missed your anniversary. Life is flying by. I'm so glad you guys had such a good time. So here's a very late--Happy Anniversary!!