Thursday, June 7, 2012

last day of school

May 31st was the last day of school, I'm behind again.  Time is moving way too fast. 

Mason's class party was very low key.  The students had an electronic/ board game day.  Another parent had suggested we have water games outside all morning.  I'm glad we hadn't planned that.  It had rained all night and it was super muddy outside.   

Carson's party was a luau.  Then Mrs. Bush showed a slide show of the year.  It was very sweet.  I'm really OK that my kids grow up and become independent of me.  Or so I thought.  Twice in the same week I became teary eyed that Carson will no longer be a Kindergartner.  It really surprised me.
Waiting for the clap out of the 5th graders.  Mason will be a 5th grader next year.  And all the  kids will be waiting for him.

Carson was very sad to leave school that day.  He's going to miss Mrs. Bush so much.  She's having a baby in October so she's not teaching next year.  He knows that she won't be there.  :(   

Next year I'll have only two campuses to worry about.  That's exciting to me.  Bailee will be a Senior, Karlee a Freshman, Mason a 5th grader, and Carson will be a 1st grader.  Right now were enjoying summer.  Yay!! It's finally here.  

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