Thursday, September 19, 2013

more about the birthday boy

I love how the powdered sugar went every where while Carson blew out his candles.
Carson had a great birthday!  He was shocked I found the Ninjago Legos he asked for.

 At pack meeting Carson led the flag ceremony.  He also earned his first belt loop, good manners.
Before church he tested out some of his new gifts.  He wants to be Harry Potter for Halloween.  All he needs is brown hair and a scar.  :)

Thursday, September 12, 2013

8th birthday

 Carson has been looking forward to this day for months!  Not only is he 8 and can be baptized, but tonight is pack meeting and he gets to wear a Cub Scout shirt finally!  This is the best day EVER!

 Bailee and I went to school to have lunch with Carson.  The entire time he was talking about how many girls have kissed him so far.  It was hilarious!  Four different girls, but none on his lips.  LOL
 I took brownies to share with his class. Everyone loved them.

With us moving in a few months I knew I had to get a picture with his teacher, Mrs. Alsup.  While the kids were eating their brownies she was telling me what a pleasure Carson is in class.  How helpful he is and how smart he is.  I knew I would like her. ;)

Eight great things about Carson:
  • willing to help out with anything
  • great imagination
  • super smart
  • shares all he has
  • loves to share his testimony every month (He hasn't missed a month in 3 1/2 years.)
  • friends with everyone
  • wants to make you laugh
  • tries his best to be obedient
I'm so glad you're my son.  You make everyday fun!  I love you!!!

Sunday, September 1, 2013

birthday girl

 Today is Karlee's 15th birthday.  To celebrate Karlee and I went to get pedicures Saturday.  Then we went shopping for a few hours.  We had fun!  She tried on lots of clothes and shoes then we bought both.  :) 

 Once everyone got home we had presents and cake.  She loved it all!
I think she had a great day! I love you Karlee!!  Thanks for keeping life fun!