Wednesday, January 28, 2009

No school!!

It has been a great day. With the ice hitting the windows last night and the forecast of more, I was confident that school would be cancelled today. (I turned off the alarm clocks.) Hooray!! We have loved it. We all slept in (I didn't get up until 8, shh) and had a relaxing day. The kids had to go out and slide around on the ice after breakfast. At first they thought it had snowed, but it was only ice. They still had fun. Mason and Carson has enjoyed it the most. Mason really needs a day to do nothing but play. He doesn't get it very often. He has played cars, legos, sword fights, and all kids of animals. I was luckily able to convince him to sit down and read his book for school. He's a good reader, just doesn't want to read until he's in the middle of the book and enjoying the story. When we lived in Colorado, there was a school district that only had school Monday through Thursday. That is Mason's kind of schedule. I think three day weekends would benefit everyone. We all need a day of relaxing or just playing a little catch up.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Weather ...

This weather can be so irritating. I know it's January and it is supposed to be cold. Today it is, even wet. I don't like it so much. Just three days ago it was almost 80 degrees. WE loved it. After school we went to the park and played. It was great. We fed the ducks some leftover pancakes from breakfast. Carson made his pancake stretch the farthest. When Karlee and Mason were finished they ran off to play and Carson kept pulling more and more out of his hand. I don't know where it came from.

Karlee was making me nervous. These branches aren't very big and strong. But that didn't stop her from climbing. I finally told her that she was high enough. The branches started bending. I don't think the tree could of supported her much longer, even if she is a light weight.

With the pond water so low they were able to play in the trees and rocks. Carson was always just a few steps behind them. He has always thought he was a big as them. Now he can actually keep up with them. During the summer it wouldn't surprise me if snakes lived among these rocks. I'll need to remind them when the pond fills back up to be careful. I'm ready for spring any day now.

Spelling Bee

There were 39 3rd-5th graders ready and nervous about the spelling bee on Friday. Last year Karlee was eliminated in the first round. This year she made it to the second round, only 19 kids left. She was devastated that she misspelled the word. Her word was "frankenstein". Once you say the letters out loud you can't change the order or take it back. She told me as soon as she finished she new it was wrong. She said "ie" instead of "ei". It only took five rounds to have only one left, another 5th grader. Karlee was grateful it was a 5th grader that won. They all did a great job. There was one word that I had never heard before. When the student asked for the definition it still didn't help me. The student looked confused then spelled it. She spelled it correct. All of us were impressed.

Goal ...

One of my goals for the year is to learn how to sew (sew better). I did take 4-H when I was growing up. The outfit I made I modeled it at the State Fair. Although, I don't remember what kind of ribbon I won, if any. I have sewn some simple curtains, but I don't think I could follow a pattern. I'm very excited to try something new, and extremely thankful for Gretchen for her patience and talent. With the first class down she, and everyone there, was practicing patience as my machine kept jamming. I was having issues with the thread knotting up. As it kept happening, I remembered why I don't sew. It was not fun. I think we figured it out, Gretchen that is. Now we are making aprons, which I am looking forward to wear. We are also going to learn how to do appliques to put on the pocket. I'll keep you posted. I'm sure my Mom will be shocked to find out that I am sewing. She has always sewn. Out of six daughters, only one sews (and I don't think she enjoys it). I have already found a panel on clearance, from the holidays, that I want to do. Sewing could open up so many possibilities. I can't wait!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

I love Sundays!

We have church this year at 1:30. I know most of you say YUK!! I like it. I feel like I get soo much more done, not work. Most Sunday I would fit in a nap, now I can sleep in. The kids can all shower Sunday morning instead trying to find time on Saturday before bedtime. There was a lot more whining on Saturday then on Sunday. I'm able to reread the lessons for the day, write in my journal (not every Sunday but more than usual), catch up on blogs, help my girls with Personal Progress, and Faith in God. The list keeps growing. We don't watch TV before church, only after. I'm sure that is the largest reason we accomplish soo much more. Most of the time the TV irritates me. We only watch TV on the weekend (I got that idea from txmommy years ago). Friday after school starts the weekend. Some days the kids really struggle with no TV. Most days it works to our advantage. Homework gets done much easier, and this year all of the kids are reading more. I've even had time to sit a read to them or for myself. Back to Sunday. With church being so late in the day we all interact more. The kids play together in the mornings and help out with what ever they are doing. When we get home after church, around 5, the night does go fast. It just seems the afternoon time works well for our family. Even Mason commented this morning that he liked having more time before church.

Friday, January 16, 2009


WOW!!! I can't believe that it is her last day of school. She doesn't really graduate/walk until June. But "no more school, no more books, no more teachers dirty looks"! I think she is very excited. A little upset that her best friend didn't get her act together to finish with her. But she will be excited next week when she doesn't have to go to school like everyone else. I keep telling her that I'm going to give her a necklace with "BFF". We can spend everyday together. She is quite nervous and is hoping to pick up some daytime hours to keep her distance. That's ok, we can still do lunch and shopping. I think it will be fun.

I still remember her first day of school, probably better than the other girls. I owned a salon, so of course,I was working full time and McKinzie had always gone to some time of daycare. But for some reason it was really hard for me to drop her off at school. I didn't know any of these people. They were total strangers and yet I was leaving her. What kind of Mom was I? I thought about her all day, with tears in my eyes. (As I type this I'm getting teary eyed again.) Brian surprised me and picked Kinzie up from school, only half day, and we all at lunch together at my work. I loved it and was able to see that she was fine. I don't know why I worried soo much. Her teacher, Mrs. Talison, was a grandma. What could go wrong with that.
Congratulations Kinz!! You are a beautiful young woman and have soo much good ahead of you. You can do anything you want. I hope you know that. I also want to make sure you know that I love you very much, so does your Dad. Enjoy whatever you do next, and I will encourage and support you in whatever you choose. All my love!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

What would you write?

I came across this article a couple of days ago and it has really caused me to think.
This man was a POW for 5 1/2 years.

"After more than two years as a prisoner of war in Hanoi, Vietnam, Jay C. Hess was permitted to write a short letter home. Following is the content of that letter dated Dec. 13, 1969:

"Above all I seek for eternal life with all of you. These are important: Temple marriage, mission, college. Press on. I had a slight flesh wound and last summer some sickness. All is well now. Set goals, write history, take pictures twice a year."

Here's the link.

Such few words were shared. But what else is more important? Nothing! Temples and education, they both help you in this life and the next. I found it interesting that he added "take pictures twice a year".

This has helped me put in perspective what is really important. I've always known it, I just need to keep reminding myself. Family and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The rest is just fluff.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Back to the grind!

What a wonderful day it is! Don't mind the fact that is is raining and if lucky 32 degrees outside. Also, that I have loads and loads of laundry to do. It is a wonderful day because we are back to our routine. Don't get me wrong. We have had a wonderful Christmas break. We have seen movies, been shopping, us girls were able to get our hair hi-lighted, we were even able to finished a few daunting to-dos around the house (thank you Brian). But today the kids are in school, wahoo! And Brian is at the office, in town, double wahoo!! My chores are getting done while I sit her and blog, way cool. I love electricity, btw. The washer is washing, the dryer is drying, the dishwasher is washing dishes and Carson is watching his favorite, "Pirates of the Caribbean". I'm so enjoying today that as I put my Holiday dishes away I'm not too sad. These dishes get pulled out of hibernation for Thanksgiving dinner and stay out until the New Year. I'm ready, maybe it's because I really like our daily dishes. Maybe I'm the one around here that needs routine more than anyone else. What ever the reason, it's a wonderful day!

This last week Brian was able to finish painting the boys room so we could move Carson upstairs. Those two boys were sooo excited. Every night they have gone to bed great. I hope I didn't just jinks myself.

With the move of Carson upstairs, we were able to move the computer out of the kitchen into his old room. It is now a computer room/playroom/food storage room/sewing room/ and office for Brian when he decides to work from home. Quite functional actually.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

We all had a great night. We watched movies and ate great food. Then at midnight we had noise makers, poppers and confetti to bring in the New Year. We also had some sparkling grape juice in fancy glasses as we wished each other a Happy New Year. Our kids have loved this tradition, we have been doing this now for 10 years. We started making donuts one year in hope that as our kids became older they would want to hang out around the house on such a crazy night. McKinzie spent the night with friends, but the rest stayed home. In fact, Karlee mentioned that she couldn't stay the night with a friend that night. She didn't want to miss the donuts and chocolate fountain. The fountain we started a couple of year ago, now it stays. Because of the fun so late at night, New Year's Day if very relaxing. We watch more movies, the kids play with friends, and eat more donuts.

Now that the day has come and gone, it's time to look ahead and make it a better year. I have thought about that and have made a few goals for myself. They are challenging but achievable.
I want to wish all of you a Happy New Year! Enjoy your family and enjoy the ride.